Hi there! My name is Suzannah and this is my blog; The Furrowed Home. I am so happy you are here!

The Furrowed Home is a place for everything creative. I have a heart for all things do-it-yourself, painting, music, photography, decorating and anything I can do with my own hands. It is also an online resource for affordable and fun DIY projects, and more! I hope to provide you with useful tutorials and inspiring photos and ideas on how to decorate and create a space designed just for you, by you. My blog is intended for those looking for DIY home decor ideas and every day inspiration by using their creativity to re-love items they already have lying around their house or find affordable ways to create the space they have always wanted to live in. 

I have shown curiosity in re-purposing things on my own ever since I can remember. My mother is a creative. She can quilt, knit, embroider, you name it. My dad was also a uniquely minded do-it-yourself kind of person. He was an artist, a musician, a photographer and so much more. I remember when I was little watching my dad cover his guitar case in paper mâchè, and him teaching me how to do it. I’m pretty sure I paper mâchè’d everything in sight for several months. I got my love of crafting and my creativity from both of my parents. I don’t remember when my interest in all things vintage started but I do know pretty much all the women in my family have always been into flea markets. That trait must have rubbed off on me at some point. My mom and I even tried our hand at running a flea market booth for a while! There is nothing quite like finding a one of a kind piece to bring into your home. Something that has a story. If my entire home could be filled with unique, one-of-a kind items, trust me it would be!

I have always loved to write. I got that from my momma. I aim to use this blog as a creative outlet for many different things. Thank you for being here and taking the time to read my posts. I hope you enjoy! 

Stay Inspired,

Suzannah; The Furrowed Home