The Little House that Could

The Little House that Could

Hello everyone! I wanted to say a quick thank you to all of you who have subscribed to The Furrowed Home. It means so much to know someone out there is interested in what we are doing!

I am so excited to share some photos with you of our Lake Cottage in it's original condition! Also, I would like to give you a little background on how my hubby and I decided to purchase this fixer upper!

Originally, Matt and I were searching for a small cabin renovation. We quickly figured out there were not very many options. We started to get a little discouraged that our idea for a lake "fixer upper" was not going to happen for us. One evening after looking at a place with our realtor, he showed us a listing of a lake house that he thought we might be interested in. When we looked at it we realized it was a house that we had seen online but decided it was no good and skipped past it. Our realtor, Jackson explained to us all the great features the house has. He told us how close it is to a lot of activities and that the view was amazing! We decided to give him a chance and go check out the house, after all he did find us our dream home that we are currently living in!

When we pulled up the house we noticed right away that this place was going to have a lot of potential. As soon as we walked in, we got that excited butterfly feeling and knew we had to make an offer! 

So it goes, we played the negotiating game and of course ended up with our FIRST fixer upper! There were several nights we laid in bed telling our selves how crazy we were and questioned our decision to take on such a big project. With the renovations nearing an end we can confidently say we have had such an amazing experience with this project so far and cannot wait to take on more! 

Alright, enough jibber jabber let's have a look at the before pictures of the lake house right after we closed on it!

We will start with the front, since it's one of the areas that won't need as much work..

Pretty cute, right?

Here we have the view of the dining room standing at the front door. 

Wood paneling, lots and lots of wood paneling..

Now for the kitchen, don't mind the mess we were celebrating!

The mud room/laundry room.

Now for the bedrooms. 

That red carpet though...

Last but definitely not least; the living room.

This place needed some SERIOUS work but Matt and I saw the potential and we are already so thrilled with how everything is turing out. We believe in this little house and hope you do, too! Don't forget to subscribe to The Furrowed Home to receive news and updates on the renovations! (Find the subscription box at the bottom of the home page!)

Stay Inspired,

The Furrowed Home


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