A Lovely Ladder

A Lovely Ladder

Hey there friends! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day so far. I am very excited to share with you all my first D I Y post on the blog!

Our Lake House renovations are moving right along and I decided I wanted to make something to go in one of our bathrooms to provide us with more storage. This is my version of a storage ladder. This is a super simple, inexpensive and quick tutorial that can be used in several different ways. I decided to add baskets to mine to hold towels and cleaning supplies!

What I love about this tutorial is that everything I needed to build it, I already had. Here's a list of what you will need:

  • scrap wood, or new wood
  • screw driver
  • 4 screws
  • stain (your color of choice)
  • wood glue
  • shop towel/rag for staining
  • gloves (optional)

As I mentioned before, I had everything I needed to make this project including the wood. This is partly due to the fact that my father-in-law is very handy. If you don't have scrap wood at your house check your local hardware store. Another option is flea markets, in Fayetteville we have several that have booths with scrap wood! I think this project could also look awesome with mix-match barn wood! 

First, decide how you want your ladder to look. How much space do you want in between your rungs, and how tall and how wide you want it to be. If your ladder is going behind your toilet, you will want to measure the width of the top of the toilet to make sure your ladder is wide enough. Mine ended up being 2 feet wide measuring from the outside of my edge pieces. Also, you will need to decide how tall you want your ladder to be. I chose to have mine be 6 ft. tall. I made sure to leave plenty of space between the second rung and the top of the toilet so that there was room to hang a basket or a towel. The height and width of this project will be different depending on your space. 

Once you have determined how you want your ladder laid out, you will measure and square up your wood. I wanted a more rustic, natural look so I cut my rungs at 26 1/2 inches long so they had a bit of an over hang on each side. You could also hang a towel or other items from the edges if you do this!

After you measure and cut your rungs, use the wood glue to secure them to your edge pieces. After that you will use your screws and screw driver to drill one screw in on each connecting piece. I drilled my screws into the front side of my ladder because I liked the look but you could also drill in from the back side if you didn't want your screws to show. 

Once your ladder is assembled you can choose to stain it, paint it, or just leave it be! I wanted mine to have a bit of a gray tint so I used MinWax "Special Walnut" first to darken the wood. After that dried I went over it with MinWax "Classic Gray". I love the weathered tint it gave the wood. I will definitely be mixing these two colors together again!

If you want to hang baskets, I recommend using a screw and a washer to secure it. The washer will keep the basket from slipping off the screw. You could also use "S" hooks, or any other type of hook if you want your basket to hang different. Again, I wanted this ladder to be rustic so I choose to leave the hardware showing.

Use your new ladder to add more storage to your space, hang towels, or whatever your heart desires! I styled mine using linen spray, a candle and some greenery to bring some color to my bathroom. The possibilities are endless though! This ladder is in our master bathroom until our lake house bathroom is ready, but I can already tell I am going to have to make another one for myself because it's just too darn cute. 

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and please use the comment section below to ask any questions! Don't forget to subscribe to The Furrowed Home for updates and more tutorials! 

Stay Inspired, 

The Furrowed Home 


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