Lake House Reveal

Lake House Reveal

Hey there everyone! Thank you for being here and thank you to everyone who has subscribed so far! I am so excited to share with you our before and after pictures of our Lake Cottage! To be totally honest with you all, I had big plans to post lots of progress pictures but the truth is I just simply didn't have time. Life happens, ya know? Maybe I will get better at it for our next house!

We knew going into this project it was going to have to be done quickly, however I don't think I realized just HOW fast that meant. We bought this house On July 14th and are so proud to say it has been fully renovated today on September, 12th. Which also happens to be me and Matts 1 year wedding anniversary. What a crazy and special 1st year of marriage this has been for Matt and I. We have loved every minute of this home renovation adventure and are looking forward to our next one. 

I went ahead and took my "after" photos even though we are still lacking a handful of items; a few end tables and some decor because we wanted to go ahead get the house listed online. So if you're looking at the pictures thinking some of the rooms are missing something, that's why. I just really wanted to share the overall transformation this house has taken with everyone because it really is incredible! 

Alrighty, here we go..

We took out all three of these walls you see here. I love the way it opened up the space!

We removed the shelves, built new ones and gave that dirty fireplace a paint job!

The kitchen got new appliances and we painted the existing shelves. 

The old laundry room became a full bath. It's a little hard to tell but basically half of this room is what we framed up for the new bathroom.

The red carpet had go, but we actually left the exposed brick.

For some reason I didn't get a good "before" picture of this bathroom before anything was done. It was basically all cosmetic in here though.

New light fixtures, paint and carpet removal for the other two bedrooms.

Probably one of my favorite before and after pictures. The wall had to go, look how much brighter and better everything is!

It is so wild to see what an incredible transformation this sweet house has made! Matt and I feel so lucky to have been able to have had the opportunity to do this renovation. With everything coming to an end it is that time to share our listing with everyone! I will provide the links below so that anyone can come stay and relax at this cozy little cottage of ours! 

I will also be sharing more in depth photos of the decor and and items I found for each room later on, so stay tuned for that! Subscribe to The Furrowed Home to get updates! Thank you for following along this fun journey of ours. As always;

Stay Inspired,

The Furrowed Home


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