Some people think making a New Years resolution list is overrated, but I think the exact opposite. A new year is your chance to start over. For a clean slate. To try new things and let go of the old. I think it is so important to re-evaluate ourselves and our lives every now and then. What are doing good? What could you improve on? There is nothing wrong with setting goals and accepting your failures. Without failure there is no success! So, this year I challenge you to make a Less/More list. Even if you don't share it with anyone, do it for yourself! We should always strive to be better, and a new year is a perfect time to start. 

I'm sharing my Less/More list and a very short reason/description for each. I have more but these are the ones that stood out to me!

Less Worrying - Life is just too darn short!

More Loving - Love the ones who are hard to love.

Less Gossip - Gossip is fuel for a bad fire!

More Jesus - All day everyday

Less Clutter - Get organized!

More Adventures - Say YES.

Less Laziness - Get off your tooshie and be productive!

More Coffee Dates - Make time for good coffee and even better friends

Less Fast Food - It's expensive!

More Cooking - Homemade meals are made with love

Less Negativity - No-one likes to be around a negative nancy.

More Gratitude - Being grateful for everything and everyone in your life is so important!

Comment below and let me know whats on your Less/More list for 2017!


Stay Inspired,

The Furrowed Home

Neutral Valentines Day Decor

Neutral Valentines Day Decor

Drink in the New Year!

Drink in the New Year!