Gallery Wall How-To

Gallery Wall How-To

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by. I am excited to share this little project with you all because I'm talking about how I created my gallery wall for under $75.00. I LOVE a good bargain. I am always searching for sale items or going to thrift/consignment stores to see how can I save some money on decor pieces. One of my favorite items to buy from second hand stores is picture frames. They are always so cheap, and you can do anything you want to with them! Sometimes I paint them, sometimes I take the glass out and just use the frame, and sometimes I leave them exactly how they are! I got lucky on my latest trip to one of my favorite consignment shops, Potters House, in Fayetteville and found 4 wooden frames in great condition. All I had to do was replace what was in them and clean each one up with a rag and furniture polish. 

(These are the four frames I picked up at a local consignment shop. Only cost me a total of $12.00. They didn't need any paint, just a good polish!)

I have put together a list of tips and tricks to help create your perfectly unique and inexpensive gallery wall! I also listed what everything cost and where I got my pieces from. I hope this inspires you to try something new and create your own gallery wall. 

Lets get started!

Choose a Theme- One of the first things you should do is decide on a theme and color scheme. I have found that this helps the piece be cohesive and stylish. My theme for this gallery was nature + geometric and my color scheme was earthy tones. I decided to do all different colored wood frames and items for my wall. I love the way it all ties in together! You could do an all black and white theme, a metallic theme, or a travel theme.. the possibilities are endless!

Thrift- Go to your local thrift or consignment stores to find frames.  Paint them to match your color scheme or just leave them and polish them up! I choose to mix and match sizes of frames but you could decide to have all the same sized frames if you wanted.

Free Printable Artwork- I would definitely suggest adding some kind of art work to your gallery wall. Art from stores can be expensive so I found a few websites that offered free printables and just printed them at home! This is so easy and totally customizable.

Re-Purpose- Maybe you have some old frames, or decor pieces at home that you thought you wouldn't use anymore. Try to incorporate it! I had some old notebook paper that came attached to a shelf I bought at a vintage market and I wasn't sure what I was ever going to to do with it but knew I didn't want to throw it away. These pieces of paper ended up fitting in perfect with my gallery! I put them in a glass frame and they add a really cool vintage touch to my wall. 

Shop Sale Items- Go to your fave decor store and go to the sale section! There is usually always something I find in Target on the sale aisle that I love. I feel like I can always find something a little unexpected in sale sections, which is perfect for galleries! The frame in the middle of my gallery was only $12.00 on sale at Target!

Add Texture- Find a piece or two that pops from the wall. This will break up your gallery and add some personality! I choose a faux wall plant for mine. I love how it adds color and interest to my gallery. 

Make It Yours- Most importantly, make it your own! Incorporate a picture of you and your significant other, a family member or a pet. Don't be afraid to show your personality and have fun with it!

Cost & Sources:

  • Four wooden frames from a local consignment shop: $12.00
  • Printable wall art (The Painted Hive, Design Love Fest, Cocorrina): Free
  • Framed Art from Target: (on sale) $12.00
  • Faux wall plant from Target: $20.00
  • Framed Geometric art from Target: $20.00
  • Wooden Letter from Target: $3.00
  • Glass Frame from Target: $15.00
  • Black and White Picture and Hand Written Notes: Free (already had at home) 

Now go and create a beautiful gallery for your space! Post a photo of it and tag me on Instagram! I would love to see what you came up with. 

Stay Inspired,

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