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Spring time always has me in the mood to clean and re-organize my, well.. life. This time it was my office that was in major need of a change. I never realized how important it was to have a clean and organized office space until recently. We are lucky enough to be able to have a room for an office at our home, but for the past year it has been in a constant state of c h a o s! It actually got to the point where we just pretended like it wasn't there and we ignored all of the stacks of old junk mail and and cards. Embarrassing, I know. I got to thinking about the reasons we weren't utilizing our office and how to fix it. It came down to a few reasons: lack of organization, lack of coziness, and lack of space to work. So I set out to fix these problems, all while on a budget! 

The very first thing I did was remove everything in the room. I needed a clean slate to start with! The next thing I did was decide what items I already had that I could re-use. I ended up keeping several items. Our tall bookcase, a vintage filing cabinet, a corner chair and a desk chair. I of course re-used lots of smaller decor/organizational items. Once I saw what furniture I had to work with I was able to see what I actually needed! I was lacking a smaller bookcase to hold things like my printer and office supplies. I ended up having an small old shelf I wasn't using that just needed a new paint job! You should definitely see what items you have before you go buying large pieces of furniture. Work with whatcha got! Now, for the most important part of the room.. the desk! Our previous desk was far too large. We had it positioned in the corner of the room so when you faced the wall when you were sitting at it. It honestly felt like I was in time-out when I sat there. It was terrible. If you can, try to position your desk to the center of the room and face either a door or a window! It gives you something to look at and makes the room feel so much more open. We built our desk to fit our space and save on money but you can find lots of great looking desks online. I will list a similar desk to ours at the bottom of this post!

Once I had all my furniture picked out and pieces I knew I wanted to use, it was time to impliment those steps I listed earlier! Organization, coziness, and work space. 

Organization: Crates, baskets, containers, use them all! Target and TJ Maxx are my favorite places find these items. I would also recommend using baskets you can't see into. Stick on a label on it so you know what's inside. Since we opted for a writing desk (a desk that is free standing with no drawers) I knew I needed something to keep our paperwork in. I found my filing cabinet at a vintage market and love the look and functionality it brings to my office! Find your self some type of cabinet or shelving system that can hold, and hide all of your stuff! 

Coziness: If you have been following my blog at all then you know how much I love to bring a touch of coziness to EVERY room! Especially in a room where you want to be relaxed and have clear state of mind. Some touches I like to incorporate: candles (that are not only pretty but also smell great), house plants, fresh flowers, and personal photos. I also layered in a fuzzy rug on top of my area rug to add extra coziness to my feet while I work!

Work Space: Keep your desk top as clean and simple as possible. I find that the more you have on you desk, the less you will get done. When your desk top is open and clean you have room to breathe and spread out. So, only have the essentials out! My desk top holds my planner and notebook, a caddy for pens and markers, a candle, flowers and an inspirational quote to keep me motivated. 

To keep my office refresh on budget, I repurposed a ton of items I already had! You would be so surprised what all you can come up with if you just use a little creativity. I also shopped online, at local flea markets and second hand stores. Make sure to come up with a plan and a budget before you go shopping so that way you stay on track. I hope this post inspires you to get that room or space you use as an office refreshed and re-organized this Spring. Shop my office look below! What are you guys planning on refreshing this Spring? Let me know in the comments!


Shop This Look!

  • Books: Flea Markets
  • Desk Chair: Painted one I had at home
  • Corner Chair: Already had
  • House Plants: Lowes
  • Bookcase Accessories: Flea Markets or already had
  • Frames: TJ Maxx
  • Planner and notebook: Target


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