Life Lately 02/11/2018

Life Lately 02/11/2018

Back in December I told myself I wanted to remove myself from social media for a while.

I didn't exactly know why but I felt an urge and knew I needed to at least try. I ended up going for it and deleting my Instagram, Facebook, and snapchat app for a little over a month. You guys, it has honestly been the best thing. For so many reasons. Below are just a  few;

Not always feeling like I had to have my phone in my hand.

Enjoying the moment in real time.

More conversation.

More phone calls.

More coffee dates.

A clear mind in the morning and before bed.

Figuring out what about social media makes me happy, and what doesn't.

Like I said, these are just a few of the great things that I have learned this past month. I think everyone should be social media free a few times a year, even if its just for a week, or heck even a weekend! I know I will definitely be making more of an effort to just be in the moment and not worry so much about my phone and everything that goes on in the social media world. 

On another note.. we have found ourselves busy all over again! I have been working on some special things for our new website Furrow Properties. And we have been knee deep on flipping a cute little house in Fayetteville! If you have talked to me in the past few months you know that the cabin build was amazing but stressful due to the long drive. This new project is about a 5 minute drive from our house... FIVE MINUTES! Holy smokes I can't even begin to tell you how low stress this has been already! We are so excited to finish up our first project in Fayetteville and see where this one takes us. 


There is a lot more updating left to do but I think I will leave it here for now! I am excited to get back on here with a refreshed + renewed mind and attitude, and do what I love to do.. renovate, inspire and CREATE! 

Stay Inspired,

The Furrowed Home



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